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Modular Manufacturing Leads to Safer Built Homes

How Modular Manufacturing Quality Control Leads to Better, Safer Built Homes

The main difference between the construction of modular built homes and typically
constructed homes is that modular homes are built in phases in a controlled environment,
offsite. The home is then moved to the home location once completed. However, another
important difference between modular built homes and onsite construction homes is the safety
factor. Modular homes are typically stronger built homes due to the circumstances in which
they are built.

This article will focus on how modular manufacturing quality control leads to better, safer built
homes. If you have been considering building a home and are unsure of whether you should
choose a conventionally built home or a modular home, read further to learn more about the
safety considerations.


While all construction homes go through inspections, modular homes go through more
inspections than any other type of construction. They are inspected by both the state and local
building inspectors during every step of the manufacturing process. This thorough inspection
process helps to increase the safety of construction for modular homes far above regular
construction homes, as site built homes are only inspected once the home is completely
constructed. Modular homes have specialized inspections that catch any issue and correct it
before the home is completed.

Quality Work

The quality of the work in modular manufacturing is very rigorous and controlled. This is
because each part of the modular home is made by someone whose only job is to make that
specific part. You don’t have several people working on the same aspect of the homes, which
make the quality much more consistent.

Quality Construction Management

Because modular homes are built off site, the quality of construction management is much
better than those of on-site built homes. The manufacturing plants for modular homes have
very strict quality construction and control programs that inspect and test equipment and parts
of the home throughout the entire process. Additionally, parts that are manufactured and
shipped to the modular home build site are stored properly until they are used, which means
no part of the home is exposed to outdoor elements like on site built homes.

<h2>Other Benefits</h2>

In addition to safety benefits, modular homes are often completed faster than conventional
construction homes. Also, modular homes provide a less stressful environment for
homeowners as they do not have to deal with construction sites and the stress that those
situations can bring.