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R-Anell and Commodore Homes

Custom Built Homes of the Carolinas Is A Proud Builder of R-Anell and Commodore Homes

Custom Built Homes of the Carolinas is proud to be a retailer/builder for the Commodore Corporation and R-Anell Homes out of Crouse, North Carolina. R-Anell is an off-frame home modular factory that was purchased by Commodore Homes in 2014.  Through the purchase of R-Anell Homes, Commodore did not just add another factory to the company,  They added one of the most advanced factories in the industry to their fold (if not the largest).   Below is the press release about the purchase of R-Anell Homes:

The Commodore Corporation

The nations largest family owned modular home builder has completed the purchase of R-Anell Homes of Crouse, NC.  R-Anell Homes, known for outstanding quality, design and service is fully operational and funded.  The R-Anell brand will remain in place and is now part of a financially solid company with over 60 years in the home building business. “We here at The Commodore Corporation are proud to have acquired this state of the art 243,000 sq ft facility, the long term employees and the solid reputation that has been built over the years. We will learn from each other” states owner and CEO of the Commodore Corporation Barry Shein.  Home production from The Commodore Corporation’s original facility in Danville, VA will be moved to the R-Anell manufacturing plant beginning May 12th.

The Commodore and R-Anell brands of homes will be built in Crouse, NC.  The Crouse, NC facility is now in the process of hiring many people from the local community to keep up with the new production demands.  Bob Bender, President of the R-Anell facility and COO of The Commodore Corporation states “It was a difficult decision to relocate our home building facility; however, the R-Anell facility allows us to do new and innovative things not possible in our smaller, older facility in Danville, VA.”

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