Matthew 19:26 What may be impossible with man, is completely possible with GOD

Why NOT TO buy a site built home

Imagine if airplanes weren’t built with standard parts in factories by career technicians. Would you want to fly in that plane? Modular manufacturing is subject to the same rigorous quality-control as other high end manufacturing. Since the homes and their parts are factory-made, there’s no worry that they’ll be subpar. For example: the seals on roofs are done by a factory worker whose job it is to work on roofs all day, every day. Because of this, he has all of the tools, training, and experience he needs to do his job perfectly each and every time. The same is true for every other step in the modular home manufacturing process.

A FEMA report cited that “Much of the damage to residential structures also resulted from inadequate design, substandard workmanship, and/or misapplication of various building materials.” With factory construction, a lack of knowledge, skills, or design will never be an issue. Here are some MAJOR reasons Modular Homes are BETTER!!!